Michael Woodhead


Thierry David
Real Music

There must be something about this album that really appeals to me since I've listened to it almost five days in a row to the exclusion of everything except the CBC radio at work.

I can't say exactly what the appeal is -- perhaps the soft, romantic sensuous music coupled with female voices acting as instruments rather than singing straight lyrics (other than a few brief phrases on various selections).

Perhaps the liner notes sum it up precisely -- "how to slip into a pool of peace and serenity and get away from it all"

1. Close to Heaven
2. Asian Rhapsody
3. I Miss You So
4. Walking on Skies
5. Mahal Kita (I Love You)
6. Deep Inside
7. Mystic Trip
8. Forgive Me
9. Song of Freedom
10. Babel
11. Sometimes
12. Peaceful Dreams
13. Beyond Sadness